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Contact Information

1210 West Curly Hollow Dr.
St. George, Utah 84770
Phone: (435) 688-2238
Fax: (435) 688-2504

Desirae Rodengro.21khsaw@nedor.earised

Our school is a Professional Learning Community in which teachers work in collaborative content teams to analyze and interpret student data, plan curriculum units and pacing guides, and support each other in professional development ensuring high levels of learning for ALL students.

Our Commitment to Learning


We commit to interactions that are characterized by HIGH ENERGY, warm and inviting positive relationships, and mutually respectful interactions.

We commit to keeping students and teachers physically and emotionally safe in our school through our words and actions.


We commit to collaboration that utilizes the collective talents and abilities of our staff based on what is best for kids to ensure that ALL students learn at high levels.

We commit to valuing diversity by acknowledging and celebrating our differences.


We commit to practicing shared leadership with teachers, parents and students in decisions that impact our school. 

We commit to having high and clear expectations for students and teachers that are communicated consistently throughout the school.

We commit to improving our teaching craft through ongoing professional learning and development as an essential component of our own continued growth.


We commit to collectively identifying essential standards and gaining shared clarity on each.

We commit to instruction that promotes high levels of learning that is engaging, explicit, relevant and cross curricular.

We commit to instruction that is differentiated to provide the time and support every student needs to learn concepts and skills.


We commit to providing extra time and support for students using multiple strategies based on need in a timely manner.

We commit to a tiered approach to intervention as defined by our school wide system of supports.

We commit to promoting a growth mindset by communicating that intervention time is an opportunity for growth.


We commit to providing students with a variety of assessment types and multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning and identify proficiency levels.